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Hello all,   Herewith a video service for May 24, 2020 - Ascension Sunday.  

Your parish council met online this week and discussed a number of items: -

  • the Transition Team reported that their process is moving forward at a steady pace
  • reports were received from the Safe Church and Reconciliation ministries which are being kept ready for momentum to be regained once we are able to reopen 
  • during the closure, our offerings have declined by more than a third but we are grateful for the continued support of so many parishioners
  • progress has been made on two safety projects in the church; it is hoped the new railing for the organ loft will be in place by summer, and repairs are being planned to secure the interior ceiling tiles which have become loose in several places
  • work was also authorized for refurbishing the organ speakers which have become inoperable with age and this will greatly enhance the sound of our magnificent organ
  • a draft protocol was reviewed for reopening the church safely when that is permitted; final requirements and dates will be set by the diocese in line with provincial  directives; it is not yet certain when that will be but we will keep everyone informed as soon as we know more  

All of this work and much more is being done in the sure faith and knowledge that the life of our parish continues vibrantly. Thank you all for your prayers and support.  

With every blessing, Alan