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Ross Edgett, Donna Watson, Pat Husarski, Bob Mair (admin, hand grubbing around Garry Oaks)
Pilon Tool Rental (roller rental)   
Edgett Excavating Ltd – Bruce Henderson (trucks, bobcat, lowbed moves, spread topsoil)   
Tayco Paving Co. (crushed stone)   
Hyland Precast – Chris Huber (concrete for fence)   
Saanich Native Plants (seeds for Garry Oak meadow)     
McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd (surveying)  
City of Courtenay (arborist and catchbasin installation)   
Brown’s River Holdings, John Edgett (pitrun gravel, brush disposal and topsoil)   
Tower Fence – Bryce Hahmann (fencing materials)   
Tippin Point Contracting – Jamie Rennison (fence installation)  

A year ago Ross Edgett, owner of a family plot at St Andrews Cemetery, approached the Church with a proposal to create additional parking for interment services. With the extensive goodwill built whilst owner of Edgett Excavating Ltd, Mr. Edgett coordinated the efforts of the persons and companies listed to: re-establish survey bars, install a catchbasin for drainage, protect the Garry Oaks by hand-grubbing blackberry brambles in identified areas, bring pit run, crushed stone and the heavy equipment needed to widen the shoulder on McQuillan Rd and to create additional parking at St Andrews Church. Now visibility for drivers is improved, parking is available and one row of unmarked graves has been distinguished through the planting of native seeds to rejuvenate the Garry Oak meadow wildflowers. The combined value of these donations is estimated at $24,000 for which the Church, its parishioners and visitors of St Andrews Church are sincerely grateful.