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Diocesan council, acting as the nominating committee, has confirmed seven people to stand for episcopal election:

The Rev. Canon Kevin Arndt, diocese of British Columbia
The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Cooper, dioceses of Durham and Newcastle
The Ven. Douglas Fenton, diocese of New Westminister
The Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee, diocese of Calgary
The Ven. Alastair Singh-McCollum, diocese of British Columbia
The Rev. Lon Towstego, diocese of British Columbia
The Ven. Dr. Dawna Wall, diocese of British Columbia

Public profiles, including video introductions of each candidate can be found in the Episcopal Transition section of the website.

Please pray for each of the candidates, synod delegates, officers of synod and staff as they prepare for this historic and unprecedented digital synod.

The synod will take place on September 26 and will be livestreamed on the diocesan website, Facebook and Vimeo. Opening worship is at 9am -10am with the business session beginning at 11am.