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An Overview of the Parish Council Meeting!

Our latest council meeting was held via “ZOOM” last Thursday and it was wonderful to see faces! Thanks to our Parish Secretary Kathy Coulthart Dewey for organizing the meeting!

Father Alan opened with a prayer to our parish council for strength and guidance throughout the challenges we are currently facing.

Linda McAnsh (Musical Mosaics) presented the proposal for blinds required for their musical performances. Fortunately, our Musical Mosaics program was bequeathed $500USD from Bishop Frame’s estate! The motion passed and plans for the installation and purchase is in the works with our Property Committee!

Eric MacDonald provided an update on the status of the Transition Team and progress to date. He advised the posting for our rector position closed April 17th and the diocese received several requests for our Parish Profile as well as one solid applicant applying for the position.

Written reports referred to

1. How wonderful our parish is adapting to this current storm, with God’s Grace!

2. And how impressive it is that we can continue with all our business and ministries.

3. How delightful and appreciative we all are for Father Alan’s continuing and uplifting messages and services of hope!

4. And how truly blessed we are to have such a loving group of parishioners who are reaching out to each other to ensure each other’s safety and well being!

Barb Neid (Treasurer) noted offerings are being dropped off or mailed into the church, but are, understandably anticipated to decline.

The “Gifts in Time” form to establish automatic withdrawals is available on our website, should anyone find this more accommodating.

Our “Thanks Hat” donations will be suspended for April and May so far!

The Property Committee is solving the choir loft railing issue, looking into the organ speaker and sound system, securing the ceiling and working out the spring/summer maintenance requirements for our church. Cary Davis and Blair Bentley are routinely checking our properties.

And the best news of all? The 2019 Inventory Binder is complete and an electronic copy has be provided to the Diocese. Our thanks and appreciation are extended to Kathy Coulthart Dewey and her teammates for great work through to completion!

Stay healthy, stay safe!