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Top Ten Spiritual Growth Ideas for March 2021
1. “The way to fame goes through palaces, the way to pleasure goes through the markets, the way of virtue goes through the deserts." -Lao Tzu
2. Your body is not your masterpiece, your life is. Millions of times we are told that our bodies are projects. They aren't. Our lives are. Our spirituality is; our relationships are; our work is.
3. Violence is never far from us; we all have a bit of a gangster within us. 
4. To smile is to be gentle with yourself; gentle with others; gentle with the universe. 
5. My intellect teaches me that land cannot be sold." -Black Hawk
6. Prophets are those people who speak to the knowledge of your own heart. 
7. “It is meet and just to sing to Thee, to glorify Thee, to praise Thee, to give thanks to Thee in all places." -Byzantine Missal (Divine Hours)
8. “Grace" means that God loves you "unconditionally." It also means we can stop running away from God. 
9. Science and technology are very admirable. They cannot however solve or speak to our deepest problems. Wisdom, intuition and faith address our spiritual wounds.
10. If you feel that you're not free, look for the reason inside you. 
-These reflections are meant to stimulate healthy questioning and contemplation. They do not necessarily reflect my own beliefs.
Leo Tolstoy, Thich Nhat Hanh, Cornel West,  Persian wisdom, Glennon Doyle Melton, Thomas Merton, Kathleen Fischer, catechisms, world religions, popular sayings etc, simplified, reworked, and paraphrased. Only word-for-word quotes will have the source
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