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Life can seem like an endless succession of tasks, some of them uncongenial. Where is God in the rat-race? For Ignatius, everything done with a pure intention of serving God, is a living prayer. So a task we undertake in the sincere belief that this is what God wants, is not less pleasing than private prayer. Seeking and finding God in all things is to be the primary issue for us, just as it was for Jesus. It leads to a life which is transparently open to God and available for whatever God wants. God and God’s desires are put first, and the reason is love. The grace which enfolds our lives enables us to become fully what we are intended to be, the sons and daughters of God. ‘I will do these things in love and freedom or leave them alone’, is a maxim from Mary Ward, foundress of the Loreto Order, and I find it saves me from dragging grudgingly through my daily tasks. Space opens out, and there is ample room for what I am to do
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