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Hello all,   Welcome to week 9 of video services!    or  

In place of embedded music this week, I invite you to watch this video The UK Blessing

It is called The UK Blessing - a collaboration by many churches who came together to sing a blessing to all. Thanks to Rick Steel for passing it on.  

As we approach Ascension Day next week and Pentecost at the end of the month we realize it is an entire season that we have been doing this!  While it is by no means optimal, it has been gratifying to learn how we can meet and worship in this way and I believe that in God's grace we are being transformed as a community into rethinking what "church" means and how we can be church in all circumstances.  It is often out of our difficulties and struggles that God creates new and good things.  

A reminder that we are invited to help Charley Urquhart (our youngest parishioner) celebrate her sixth birthday with a drive-by on Saturday, May 16th, 3:30 p.m. at 421 Quarry Road, Comox.  

With every blessing, Alan