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Hello all,

Herewith a video devotion for Sunday July 19, 2020, the 7th Sunday after Pentecost.

Although these videos are sent right into your home via email, they are also posted on the parish website ( and on our Facebook page in the hope that visitors to our online presence may perhaps be provided with comfort and spiritual guidance especially in these troubling times. If you have your own Facebook account it would be most helpful if you would "like" our postings and offer a comment - anything - how about "Amen " - thus adding it to your own feed and multiplying its spread. In this way our online presence will be spread wider among our community and yours. Hat tip to Bishop's Warden Denise Ropp for this suggestion!

In case you wondered, the beautiful postlude performed by our Music Director Dagmar Kilian is a movement from the J.S. Bach arrangement of Alessandro Marcello's Concerto in D Minor.

With every blessing to you and your dear ones,