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Herewith a video service for Sunday August 23, 2020, the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost.

Thank you to all who came out today to hear about the reopening plan and participate in the ministry of greeting and assisting parishioners as we return to in-person worship. This fills me with confidence that as we gather we will all be ensuring each other's safety.

For those who are planning to attend services beginning this Wednesday please be prepared, as you arrive at the Harmston Ave. door, to enter the church as directed by our greeters. On entering you will be asked to ensure your presence is recorded for purposes of contact tracing, don a mask, sanitize your hands, leave your offertory if you wish in the bowl at the entrance, and be directed by a greeter to one of the distanced seats.

Starting this week our mid-week online video will be sent later than normal on Wednesdays as we hope to incorporate a recording of parts of the service into the video.

These are "interesting" times in the life of our parish and I ask your prayers for each other, and especially for those who feel unable to attend services yet due to Covid related concerns for themselves and their family.

With every blessing to you and yours,