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Hello everyone,   If we were together in church today we would be continuing in Easter celebration! Herewith a video devotion in its place. Thanks to our Musical Director, Dagmar Kilian and choir member Marcia Haley for providing the music today, and to Marion Edmondson for the readings.

During the Easter season we often talk about the love which Jesus left to be shared among the Christian community.  He said "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."  As we continue with separation it is difficult to remain in that kind of relationship with each other. Thank you to all who are helping us keep in touch in many ways.  I was wondering, do you have a love note or an Easter message for your fellow parishioners?  It would be encouraging and inspiring to hear from each other.  If so, pass on a message to me and we will use whatever we receive to compose a "love letter" from our parish to our parish.  I look forward to that!  

My blessing to you and all your dear ones, Alan