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Dear friends
I am sending a link to the Primate, Linda Nicholl's, excellent message as the video let us down in church on Sunday. 
She points out that in times of crisis, like this pandemic, people hit a low staring about 6 months in and continuing for many weeks. This is the period we are in now. In the light of her insight, I gained a new understanding of the issues I am observing in our church life and relationships at the moment. People are exhausted. They are feeling sensitive, easily hurt. They are, quite frankly, fed up of all the limitations, rules and protocols. Having to wear masks in church has been, for many of you, one step too far. 
I understand that.
I know it is an overused expression, but we ARE all in this together. So, this is a time to keep each other in mind, in prayer; be kind, be forgiving, make allowances for yourself and for each other, and praise God, always praise him.
Sulin Milne, Rector St. Peter's Comox