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Dear fellow parishioners:

In reviewing our files during our recent down time, it has been noted our parish record form was missing some key legalities in relation to personal privacy concerns.

Attached below, please find our revised parish record form, which we are asking each parishioner to complete in its entirety and providing same to our administration either electronically (email) or returning a signed original document. It is necessary for all parishioners to complete an individual form, versus one for each family. Dependent children are to be included with the parents/guardians.

Please find a copy of the key points of the BC Legislation to the Personal Information Protection Act on our website (

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer, Rev. Alan Naylor, or Wardens Nancy Booth & Denise Ropp.

Thank you for your assistance in updating our records and ensuring your privacy is protected and respected. 

yours truly


Nancy Booth
People’s warden