Parish Council meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 4:30 pm in the small hall. Agenda items for the meeting can be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the meeting date.

2020 Parish Council Members

Rev. Alastair Hunting (Rector)
Denise Ropp (Rector's Warden)
Bob Worbets (People's Warden)
Barb Neid (Treasurer)
Timothy Ray (Synod Delegate)
Marcia Haley (Synod Delegate)
Peggy Tribe (Council member)
Doug Shantz (Council member)
Chris Widner (Council member)
Lynn Gray (Council member)
Linda McAnsh (Council member)
Peter Walker (Council member)
Rev. Michael Booth (Honorary Assistant)
Kathy Coulthart-Dewey (Council Secretary)

Parish Council meeting minutes below.